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Havenbedrijf Rotterdam


The values* that are central to Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland:


This valueprofile is a work in progress. It will be further extended in the course of time.

If this is your organization/company and you want to change or add information, please contact us.

*based on the values stated on the site of the organization/company

Employer Brand

  • You can also choose to make use of our matching tool to discover to what extent your EVP matches your Employer Brand
  • We help you to select 80 values and characteristics that define your Employer Brand in the job market
  • You subsequently rank those in order of how they most and how they least characterize your organization according to the relevant stakeholders in the job market
  • The result is a unique and distinctive profile of your Employer Brand
  • You can now make use of the matching tool to find out to what extent your EVP matches your Employer Brand

What makes our matching tool unique?

  • Your Employer Brand is uniquely and distinctively defined (not defined as a type) and is never the same as that of any other organization
  • You get to see on a scale from 1-100 to what extent your EVP matches with your Employer Brand
  • You can make use of the online matching tool by registering on Personal Deal
  • Or you can choose to integrate the matching tool into your own HR-solutions or offer it as a widget on your career site so that candidates can check for themselves if they fit in. Candidates can find out if the image they have of your organization (on the basis of your employer brand) matches with what it is really like to work for you.

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